Amram Blum Law Office

Amram Blum Law Office

Esther Blum-Polovin, Adv.

Miriam Mahallah, Adv.

Chaim Altalef, Adv.


The firm was founded in 1994 by Attorney Amram Blum.

The attorneys in our firm provide service in the English language, including checking documents, conducting negotiations and correspondence with parties abroad.

Our firm specializes in the following areas:

Inheritance matters and testaments. Among other things, drafting complex testaments, handling the issuance of inheritance orders in complex cases, managing estates, drafting estate distribution agreements, and representing objections to applications for the probation of a will.

Legal capacity and guardianship. The field includes, among other things, submitting applications for the appointment of a guardian, advising guardians to fulfill their duties properly, submitting applications to the court in matters of guardianship, and representing persons appointed as guardians in various legal proceedings, including juvenile law.

Durable power of attorney and power of attorney under the dying patient law. The attorneys in our firm write durable power of attorneys and present clients with a variety of options for planning their last years, while presenting in detail the variety of means available to them. The extensive experience of lawyers in this field gives clients the opportunity to optimally plan for their future.

The attorneys Esther Blum Polovin and Maram Mahla are part of the Ministry of Justice's teaching staff in advanced training in this field.

Real Estate. Handling the sale and purchase of rights in real estate for both, residential apartments and commercial properties. Handling the transaction from the stage of negotiation to the completion of the registration of rights, and obtaining all the necessary approvals. These attorneys have extensive experience in complex transactions, transactions that require court approval and more.

Trust and Endowment

The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience in creating trusts and endowments, dealing with the Registrar of Endowments, real estate transactions in endowment assets, appointing and replacing trustees, and in legal proceedings related to endowments.

The oppression of the elderly and the helpless

We help in cases where you identify an elderly person or any other helpless person, who is being financially exploited by a family member, caregiver or any other party. We know how to extend help and involve the welfare authorities or the court to bring about the cessation of exploitation.

Financial claims

The attorneys in our firm will conduct the legal proceedings for you throughout all stages of the case up to the ruling.